Trust His Timing


Even though you may not understand how God works, you know He does. — Max Lucado.

God moves in mysterious way indeed.  I thank Him for a new job that He has provided me.  After 13 months of being jobless, the Lord has finally answered my prayers.  His timing is perfect just in time before our savings is depleted (but come to think of it, for the last 13 months, He has never let us get hungry.  We’ve still got to enjoy many things, buy all our wants not just our needs, got to go to places, etc…).  There were many blessings He has bestowing me (our family) I rejoice in His goodness while waiting for this job, and I’ve got to relax in His presence.  I’ve got to take the respite that I needed.  And while waiting, I’ve got to have time with my son, helping him in his studies and just spending time with him which I am not able to do while working.

I never really understood why after 27 years of my working, I have to stop suddenly.   Last year was the most depressing year in my career and in my personal life.  But more than that it was also the most refreshing, the stress-free year in my life.  It was the happiest for me since I’ve revived my quiet times / prayer time with the Lord.  I’ve got to create this blog and made hundreds of poems which I am gladly sharing with others.

Now I know that He works in our lives the way He wants it to be. I may not understand it and things unexpected will still happen in the future, but I know the Lord is working in my life.  He is alive and He loves me and I guess that’s what matters.








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