It’s Your Perfect Face

It is your perfect face

       That makes our heart in race

       It is angelic and poetic

       Terrific and majestic!


That lovely smoky voice

       With our whole soul rejoice 

       How luscious and gorgeous?

       How humorous yet tortorous?

Your hot and sexy body

        That slays everybody

        Arms to abs, back and butt

        And legs that beg a lot!

Your style and fashion 

       That gets all the attraction

       Sway and swag that rhymes 

       Walk and stride that chimes!

Our life you color everyday

        We love you all the way

        All dreams and wishes we pray

        Your love please keep and stay!

This is the second day of my challenge to IntrotoPoetry and I am enjoying it.  For today, this is a poem I am inspired to pen for an SK actor I am fond with.  His face is the epitome of handsomeness and beauty.  I hope you like it.


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