My cups are filled with joy

The Lord has done great things with us and we are filled with joy. (Psalm 126:3)


I was reminded of God’s faithfulness in today’s daily message.  I have been praying for a job for the last 10 months already and yet it seems that I can not see God’s hand yet moving.  But as I look back, the Lord has not neglected me and my family with a single meal, in fact, God is providing us more than the basics.  God has been filling my cups, not just physical, but everything for me and my family.  And the most important is that, even if I cannot see yet His answers to my prayer, I can trust His heart — His unfathomable kindness, HIs lovingkindness, mercy, strength, and the immense things He has done in my life in the past.   Ahhh, what a Great God we served and I just praise Him every single day of my life.

How is God filling your cups?  Let us trust Him that He will fill it a hundred folds, or even thousand folds unimaginable!


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