MY APPRECIATION LIST #3 (Snippets of Wisdom Part 2)

The year is about to end and for a lot of people, the last two minutes of every year seems to be the best time to write or express anything they want to say be it in the form of prayers (which I do most of the time), journalizing, sketching, and blogging! This year I started to name my year-end note taking activities as APPRECIATION LIST!  
Here is the continuation of MY APPRECIATION LISTS on Snippets of Wisdom Part 2.  

1. God’s timing is incomprehensible, most of the times unbelievable! 

2. God’s love is at work every minute, every hour!

3. You can be of help even if you have none! (God has given us all the abilities to help in anyway we can, in and out of season!)

4. That time passes so fast! ( I cant believe the year is ending so soon!)

5. Feeling of unworthiness creeps in and most of the time during the waiting period. (insanely true!)

6. When you are doing nothing, it is when you are vulnerable the most! 

7. Be generous and kind anytime! (A small unkindness is a great offense. — Hannah More, 18th Century English Poet)

8. Everything comes from God, anytime He can take them away from you but He sure knows exactly what you just need! 

9. The Lord does not let the righteous go hungry, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked. –Proverbs 10:3 (absolutely true!)

The things I have learned and learning in the process are priceless! And I appreciate all of them! There are just a lot of things I would like to thank to, big or small, good or bad, happiness or sadness! There are just too many!  

As the new year is approaching, I know for sure that I will again be expecting more of what is 2017 has stored for me and definitely I will be thanking God again and writing more of them in the future.


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