MY APPRECIATION LIST #2 (Snippets of Wisdom Part 1)

IT’s CHRISTMAS DAY on my part of the earth! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Continuing MY APPRECIATION LISTS for this year. I have to say that I am happily listing down so many things and a lot more on my head!

I have been out of job for a couples of month now. I have been working for more than 2 decades since i got out of college! It has been the most depressing period in my life! It is like I was stripped off of my identity and my self-esteem! And the waiting period for me for my next job is like an endless task! Perhaps God has better plan (and I know He has!). During those waiting moment, I have realized snippets of wisdom of appreciation which I would like to share with you and called them Snippets of Wisdom:

At random, here are my Snippets of Wisdom Part1

1. Waiting is the hardest thing to do in times of uncertainties. (And sometimes, it anxiously killing me!)

3. That bad things happen to good people. ( I am not saying I am good person, or bad either, it is just that bad timing comes to anybody on a day or an hour that you dont expect!)

4. That God’s provision is truly limitless, abounding, and on time! (I have experienced the endless providence of God on a daily basis even both me and my husband are out of job!)

5. Your immediate family is the best support system! (I thank God for my husband, my mom and my sister for the continued emotional and prayer support.)

6. That God’s Words is spot on! True and relevant on a daily basis. (God’s Word has been my daily encouragement.)

7. I cannot trade off my quiet times with the Lord! That I can relax in God’s presence anytime. ( I guess this has been the best thing that ever happened to me during my respite, I have renewed my time with the Lord on a daily basis…so amazing!)

8. God’s grace and peace is abounding even at times of struggles and difficulties! 

9. That great lessons are learned the hardest way. ( I only heard and read this before, but now I am experiencing it the hard way indeed!)

10. That if you hit rock bottom, you really hit the bottom!

11. God is a big God, bigger than our problems, and stronger than our struggles! And His love is better than life itself! (This is the sum of all appreciation that I am listing and indeed so true!)

I am so grateful to God and I am just being humbled now with the experience! See you on my next lists…


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