Appreciation List #1 (Virtual Ladies)

It is now my year-end note taking! I usually do this each year as a wrap-up moment to express anything that I want to say for the past year! I usually write it in my journals and say a little thank-you prayers to our Father God for everything! For this year, I want to call my year-end writings a name and share them with you via this blog. I want to call it MY APPRECIATION LIST! I am inspired by a blog (List – Cember by Kimberlee K.) which I read a couple of weeks ago and told myself why not do the same for me? But I think I have to do this in at least 3 parts since I my lists seems endless! So I am starting today with a list of ladies I have known virtually, hence, I called them the “Virtual Ladies”.
These ladies whom I have actually known only this year was borne out of my fangirling to a South Korean actor and actress! Yes, they are my vitual friends, we only talk via SNS, and we just practically spazz in the chat room or once in a while talk over a group call! But my friendship with them took beyond the boarder of just fangirling, I have actually befriended them and we not only spazz now but we also talk about a lot of things especially our families, careers and personal stuff. I only met one of them but wishes to see all of them too. What amazing here is that we are of different nationalities, speak different languages and lived in different world zones! Ironically, we just hit it, we are extremely happy once we are in the chatroom. It was an awesome year for me having known these loving and beautiful ladies. It made me realize that fangirling is a way also to know people of different cultures, religions and traditions. A venue to create a happy and loving community to make this world a more harmonious place to live!  

These are my Virtual Ladies:

1. Sheryl (Filipino, lives in SG) the only one I have met in person. A very loving wife and mother to a 5 year old girl! She is very diligent, one of the best photo editor I have known. She loves turquoise color, loves her mother-in-law, tech-savvy! I appreciate her very much, since I can talk to her anything and everything under the sun! I just loved our time together the last time we saw each other. A seven hour of non-stop talking, chatting and taking photos!

2. Meemy (Fil, lives in USA) my fashion-savvy friend, loves junk foods, perfumes and bags. She takes care of sick people as her profession! Very loving wife and mom! Loves to buy beauty regimen. Loves her sister very much and took care of her (sister) when she was having therapy! I like her happy disposition, very strong but very loving at the same time!  

3. Garette (Fil, HK) is the ever reliable lady in my fangirling world! She can actually provide the chatroom with the the latest news, photos and videos of our fave actors and couple seconds after they are available in the internet. Her IG has practically turned into a fanpage and she has almost 7000 followers on IG now WOW! I am so grateful to her as she makes the group’s fangirling an enjoyable and happy ride.  

4. Wiwi (Indo, IND), the master photo editor, she can make an edit that will appear so real! She is easily hurt especially when our fave actor and couple is on a hot seat! Her stalking ability is awesome as she is so keen on details. She may appear analytical and open-minded, this lady treasures trust and loyalty in a friendship and I love her for that. 

5. Lourdes (Panamian, USA) the most talented in the group! She is a writer, musician, editor, scriptwriter! She can write and speak Spanish and English fluently! She has authored childrens books in Spanish and translated it to English. What I like about her is her wide range of knowledge in almost every area of life. She loves life, she loves to travel too, and she writes long in the chatroom which I appreciate as I am learning more from her. 

6. Connie (Malaysian, MAL), she is one of the most outspoken too in the chatroom! She writes whatever is on her mind. I like her love for foods and she always shares her travels abroad to the group much to our likings! More than that I aprreciate her love for her mother-in-law, she is very devoted to her and kind-hearted too!

7. Adni (Malaysian, MAL), the most quiet in the chatroom, but she is one intelligent lady who is very articulate and has a good reasoning skills. She is the only one who can understand Hangul that’s why we love her dearly since she can translate to English an update from our favorite actor and couple. Our fangirling is made easy when she is around and that makes us all happy.

8. Olga (Ukrainian, UK), I appreciate her for her positivity and freshness. She is just a youngster but with an adult perspective in life. She can maintain her positivity amids a chaos world (spazzing world and real world hahaha!) What I admired about her is yeah her positivity and perseverance juggling both university studies, internship, family and yes, fangirling!

9. Annie (Fil, USA) she is very candid and outspoken, she will say directly what’s on her mind, no beating around the bush for this lady, and that’s what I love about her! She is very honest without being rude. She is one generous person, too, who is very much willing to help especially her fellowman who are in need.

10. Naj (Fil, SG) if there’s one person I respected for being strong and forgiving, it is her! She works in a foreign land to give a future to her only son whom she left in her native land in the care of her mother. She is perseverance in working eventough at times she has hard times with her employer! She values hardwork and sacrifices that is why I admired her for that! 

11. Kristel ( Fil, PH), I considered her my little sister as she often confides in me regarding family stuff! I am truly thankful to her for the trust that she is giving me! A very optimistic person, bubbly and kind hearted and easy to be friend with!  

12. Joycee (Fil, USA) sings so well and she is part of a chorale in her home church. This amazing lady has almost 20,000 photos of our bias actor in her phone and tablet! She is very organized which I like most about and she has this little nook in her table for all her fangirling stuff (which I envy a lot!) She is the most vocal in her love and admiration for our favorite actor. I can spazz the whole day with her without being laugh at and I appreciate her for that!


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