I Remember My Beloved Papa

This day I remember my Papa
With that chiseled nose
And those soulful eyes
He has the loveliest smiles
His face covered with laugh lines
Brought by the passing of years
But that is the most handsome face
In my entire life I have ever seen

Him is the heart so kind and so calm
His soul bares the simplicity of life
His thoughts are as pure and graceful
But he loves us so great and so faithful
This world has lost a right and humble man
In which today seldom you can find
Words cannot express how much i love
And how much I missed my beloved Papa!


I visited recently my beloved Papa’s grave with my Mum and siblings!  I missed him so much that i was able to pen this poem for him!  It’s been 8 years that he is not around but he is well remembered always!  I always wanted to tell him how much of a wonderful father he is!  Dad, this is for you! And I love You very much!



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