Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: PassionatePassionate

Passionate for me is like my favorite South Korean actor — Ji Chang Wook!

He is the epitome of a versatile actor–he can be the most loving son to a sick mother; the powerful and at the same time a puppet king to a dynasty; an ordinary cold errand boy but with a pure and loving heart; a cold-hearted Martial arts trainor that turned out to be an ideal boyfriend and husband material; or a mercenary soldier turned bodyguard to a poweful head of state. But he can be the villainest of villain like his role as a pianist brother to a piano genius! These and among others are what makes him a very effective actor!

But he is not just an actor, he is a thespian in the musical theater performing numerous characters already, and posting sold out performances in his entire theater career! He is also a ballader who sings his heart out and who just want to make his fans happy when he is on stage. He has hold number of concerts and fanmeets in recent times  that brought fans together from all over the globe! And if you think that’s all, wait till you read this — he has appeared as well in many Musical videos (MVs), handful of commercials and he is a model too! He is now called a Multi-Entertainer,  crossovering film to music to theater to modelling/commercials and to social media. Thanks to his followers, which is 2million in Instagram and 5million in Weibo and still counting!

Ji Chang Wook is just an ordinary person in real life.  He is a soccer player (a member of a celebrity soccer team in SK), a basketball player and a swimmer too! He loves to ride in his Motoguzzi bike, he has a mural in SK and he is an ambassador of an SK Government project! He is just a normal person on off-cam. He just wanted to stay with his family and friends during off season or not filming or on a project.

He has worked hard to be where he is now from his humble beginnings. All his works are coupled with much thinking and awesome execution! He never get tired of studying his various roles! He is one of those few actors who read and study their script a hundred times to make a better understanding of what it takes for the role and he just pulled it in! He mentioned in one of his magazine interviews that “He does not want to be popular, he just wanted to be called the ‘good actor’.”

His topnotch enthusiasm, dedication and hardwork are what makes this person so passionate! He never stops in improving his craft and talents and excitement.  A cut above the rest! Fans are never get bored of him. Fans see him on an improved or better himself everyday!  This actor never settles for good, he always does what is above his best. He wants his fans to be wowed everyday and in every projects that he does! Ji Chang Wook  motives are simply to delight his fans — and that’s passion!


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